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How Much Does It Cost?
We offer affordable pricing for leagues of every size. Our pricing structure is simple and transparent. You receive access to every feature for one low price of $4 per active player per year!

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Pricing FAQ
How Do We Calculate Active Players?
When you register to use All-Star Hockey Manager, you will provide us with an average number of players who participated in your league during the past year. After setup, you will be able to activate and deactivate players in your league within the software. We document the number of active players on a weekly basis and take an average over the course of the past year to determine next year's cost. Leagues are billed in August for the following twelve months.
Are Weekend Tournaments Priced Differently?
Yes! Pricing is $4 per unique rostered player (rather than per active player) and is billed at the completion of the tournament.
Is There a Minimum Cost?
Yes. We have a minimum charge for 60 active players of $240. This price will give you and all your players full access to the backend portion of All-Star Hockey Manager. If you would like us to setup a league website for you as well, we have a minimum charge of 125 active players of $500. These minimums are only for billing purposes and are not restrictions on the number of players you must have to use All-Star Hockey Manager. We have a minimum charge to cover the continued support we offer for your league or tournament.
Are There Hidden Fees?
Nope! You get access to every feature for one low price.
Do You Charge Extra to Collect Electronic Payments?
Nope! Unlike some other league management softwares, we do not charge any additional fees (beyond the standard fees charged by PayPal or Square) to use our payment processing service. You are also free to use other methods or services outside of All-Star Hockey Manager to collect payments.
Can My Existing Data Be Converted?
Yes! We will work with you to provide a quote to move your existing data to All-Star Hockey Manager.
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