All-Star Hockey Manager
Spend less time entering data and more time enjoying the sport you love
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The one-stop-shop for all your league and tournament needs
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We'll build a custom mobile-friendly website for your league or tournament which syncs with our stat tracking system for instant and reliable updates.
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Record games in real-time on a tablet or laptop using our online scoresheet and view live updates on your website.
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Build your upcoming schedule using our quick and easy schedule builder tool.
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Create teams and build rosters for multiple divisions.
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View leaderboards of sortable skater and goaltender stats on your league or tournament website and more in-depth stat analytics within All-Star Hockey Manager.
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Game Stats
Check out individual game stats in real-time or following a game.
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View sortable table of division standings on your league or tournament website and more in-depth team stat analytics within All-Star Hockey Manager.
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Player Profiles
Create custom questions and upload photos on historical player profiles for a more personal experience.
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Build custom registration forms and begin accepting registrations for the upcoming season.
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Sub Requests
Submit sub requests for absent players and accept sign ups for open sub spots.
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Accept payments with PayPal and track outstanding balances and payments both in and out of games.
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Block out dates, schedule officials for upcoming games, track their payments, and make payouts to officials.
What League & Tournament Managers Are Saying
As the treasurer for a recreational adult hockey league, keeping track of hundreds of players and thousands of transactions in a year can be a very daunting task.

All-Star Hockey Manager eliminates those issues by keeping track of it all for me. It automatically inputs debits when players sign up for a roster or sub spot. It also inputs all the payments that have been made as well instantaneously. This allows me to see who has not paid their fees yet without the headaches of trying to keep track myself.

This software also allows me to send direct payments to officials and direct refunds to players. All-Star Hockey Manager saves me countless hours just in the financial department alone. I do not think I would have the time nor energy to be our league treasurer if I didn’t have this wonderful tool to help me.
Jake Garlock
Treasurer - Findlay Adult Hockey League
How can All-Star Hockey Manager save you time?
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