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Do you enjoy analyzing data? All-Star Hockey Manager's analytics page enables you to view your league's data on both players and teams in a variety of ways.
Do you struggle keeping track of league-owned equipment? All-Star Hockey Manager allows you to track your league's equipment and check it out to players so that you know where it is at all times.
Does your league play at multiple facilities? All-Star Hockey Manager allows you to setup an unlimited number of facilities and schedule games at all of them, even if they're at the exact same time.
Is it a nighmare trying to track down outstanding league fees? All-Star Hockey Manager tracks invoices and payments and displays them in easy to read reports so that you can quickly see who has paid and who still owes money. Scorekeepers also get easy access to this information on the scoresheet so that they can help you track down outstanding balances.

We also offer the ability to accept payments using integration with PayPal's payment processing system so that players can quickly and easily make their payments.
Want to improve communication? All-Star Hockey Manager allows you to easily create and send both team and league-wide emails. Rather than writing a message in an email and then separately posting it on your website, write it once and accomplish both objectives simply by selecting how you want it delivered to participants.
Is scheduling officials painstaking? Not anymore. All-Star Hockey Manager comes with a scheduling tool that will allow officials to block out dates, let you quickly and easily schedule them for upcoming games, and record the amount they're owed. Or if you prefer, officials can sign themselves up for games on the league website.

Tired of writing monthly checks to officials? All-Star Hockey Manager allows you to pay officials through PayPal or Venmo in a couple clicks.
Player Profiles
Want to make the player experience more personalized? Your league website will come with a Player Profiles page which will display a photo and basic information about the individual as well as answers to custom profile questions you can create in order to give players an opportunity to learn more about one another.
Do you need to track player ratings? Do you create parity with team ratings? All-Star Hockey Manager allows you to enter and track player ratings. Then when players are assigned to rosters, team ratings can be tracked in order to create better team parity. If your league uses player and team ratings, they are easily accessible to your sub coordinator when making decisions on whether to allow players to sub.
Tired of having to remember usernames and passwords to register? With All-Star Hockey Manager's streamlined registration process, you can build custom registration forms so that you can collect all the information you need from players without them needing to sign in. Players simply select their name from a list, have the option to update their contact information, and sign up to play. All-Star Hockey Manager compiles the results in an easy-to-read list, adds their league fees to their accounts, and makes it easy to assign them to teams.
Over and over again, players tell us how much they appreicate weekly reminders about their upcoming games. All-Star Hockey Manager will send out weekly reminders to both players and officials at the day and time you choose so that they don't forget about their upcoming games.
All-Star Hockey Manager comes with some key reports you can view in the software and receive via email such as game logs, money collected, and outstanding balances. If there are additional reports you would like to receive, contact us and we'll investigate providing you with this additional functionality.
Recognizing that most leagues are comprised of various divisions (such as A, B, C, etc.), we've made it easy to create multiple divisions, add teams to each division, and add players to each team's roster. If you carry the same teams over from season to season, you can simply import the teams and rosters from a prior season to save you time.
Are you tired of spending a whole weekend building the upcoming season's schedule? With our schedule builder tool, you can quickly create and analyze a schedule for the upcoming season. If you don't like the way the games shook out, you can swap games or rebuild the schedule within seconds.
We've included an electronic scoresheet that can be used by your scorekeeper to record attendance, money collected, and real-time game stats like goals, penalties, shots, and goalie changes. With a built-in game-clock, we've made it super easy to record this data on the fly. All you need is a laptop or tablet and an internet connection. As an added bonus, this data is instantly pushed to the league website to display game progress in real-time so that players and families can get up-to-the-second game updates.
Using some of the best security standards in the industry, you can rest assured that your sensitive data is well-protected from theft on our secure servers. Using server-side processing for the most sensitive information and SSL certificates on all our websites, we protect your data from being intercepted by hackers.
All-Star Hockey Manager's robust subbing system allows players to submit sub requests when they won't be able to make a game. Open sub spots will then appear on the league website so that other players can sign up for them. Your sub coordinator can then approve or deny these sub requests easily with a couple clicks. To share your open sub spots, you can setup automated emails that will send open sub spots to everyone on the distribution list.
Is it difficult to track player suspensions? All-Star Hockey Manager allows you track suspensions and easily notify scorekeepers by flagging suspended players. Since many leagues automatically suspend players for game misconduct penalties, we've included the ability to turn on this functionality which also sends an email to both the head official and player notifying them of the suspension.
Does your season include playoffs or do you host large tournaments? All-Star Hockey Manager includes a tournament builder that will allow you to create a tournament schedule and posts live updates to the league website. We have integration for the following formats:

Buffalo Point System
Double Elimination
Round Robin
Single Elimination
USA Hockey Numbers
Is your league part of USA Hockey? All-Star Hockey Manager allows you to collect USA Hockey numbers on the registration form and submit them to USA Hockey to confirm that they are valid.
What good is track stats if no one can view them? This is why All-Star Hockey Manager comes bundled with a mobile-friendly league website that we'll build and maintain for you. All-Star Hockey Manager communicates directly with the league websites to provide instant updates both during and after games. Since each league is unique, we will work with you to create a custom website that displays only the data you want to share with the world.
Do you think All-Star Hockey Manager would be a good fit for your league? Check out our simple, affordable pricing plan.