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Our Story
All-Star Hockey Manager was birthed out of the Findlay Adult Hockey League (FAHL), an adult recreation hockey league located in Findlay, Ohio.

Since its inception in the mid-1980s, the FAHL managed its league membership, stat tracking, finances, and sub requests with paper scoresheets and spreadsheets. Although this method was working okay, it was not in any way ideal since it required multiple steps to get the data uploaded to the website, resulting in outdated stats and standings. More importantly, it was consuming hours and hours of volunteer time to manually complete these steps.

In the summer of 2017, Matthew Pierce, a player in the FAHL, approached the league commissioner about assisting with the website. By the end of their conversation, he was tasked with building a backend league management system which would utilize an electronic scoresheet, online registration, automatically update stats and standings, and post open sub spots to the website. By the fall season, he had completed the first edition of a league management system using Google Sheets as the database. During the next two years, the system was tested and refined to simplify standard processes, including the addition of filterable, sortable, and printable stat tables and a robust sub request system.

During this time, another league in the area heard about Matthew's system and approached him about potentially using his software to run their league. It was at this point that Matthew asked, "Could the entire hockey community benefit from making this software available on a global scale?" So after doing some market research, he decided to take his software to the next level by making it cloud-based and scalable. All-Star Hockey Manager is the product of this quest.

With input from numerous people involved in running hockey leagues and tournaments, All-Star Hockey Manager has been built to make league and tournament management fun, fast, and easy. Find out how All-Star Hockey Manager can take your league to the next level.